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The Best Solution for Faster Smoke and Odor Removal
Every kitchen needs ventilation. HERE'S WHY. The fact is, the kitchen is a primary source of poor indoor air quality. Excessive moisture, smoke, and air-borne particulate quickly infiltrates every room in your home. Indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air, which means adequate ventilation is critical to a more comfortable and healthier environment.


Broan-NuTone has performance matched ventilation solutions for every cooking style and the type of appliance beneath it. Whether it's a focal point in your kitchen, or concealed in custom cabinetry, trust Broan-NuTone—the leader in residential ventilation—to provide the optimal solution. Broan-NuTone has the Under-Cabinet Range Hoods, Chimney Wall-Mount Range Hoods, Island Range Hoods, Downdraft Ventilation Systems, Outdoor and Built-In Range Hoods for most applications.

broan appliances for sale
broan appliances for sale

Range Hood Style

The size and type of range is an important consideration when determining the type of range hood to install. For best capture performance, it is always best to match the width of the range hood to the width of your range or cooktop.

This helps to ensure the cooking fumes will not escape the range hood into the kitchen. In cases where you may have a custom cabinet, you should select a built-in range hood (power pack or insert) that will come close to the width of your range. There may be limitations as the overall size being several inches less than your range – this will be acceptable, as long as you select the correct CFM (fan speed) based on your range specifications. For every 3" above the recommended mounting height from the cooking surface, add 3" of width to the range hood. The cooking level and type of range is another factor to consider.

Most range hoods will provide adequate capture of the cooking effluents for conventional ranges and electric cooktops. High-performance, pro-style range hoods will be needed for professional ranges and for most gas cooktops. There are many considerations when choosing the type of range hood to install. As the kitchen is the primary source of pollutants in a home. Choosing the range hood for your kitchen is important to meet your design needs and also to match your cooking frequency and level.

Be sure to have all of your ideas and cooking perspectives in mind when looking for your range hood. Styles Available Now that you have considered your kitchen environment and any design constraints, you are ready to select your ideal style of range hood. There are many range hood types to suit any kitchen set-up, while offering stylish solutions to match your design aesthetic.

Undercabinet range hoods are a popular choice because they can provide a lot of ventilation power while preserving precious cabinet space. If you are not planning to make changes to existing over-the-range cabinetry, an undercabinet hood is likely the right product for you. Installation of these hoods is simple enough for most DIYers – which makes swapping out an old, outdated model fast and easy. For more complex kitchen set-ups, you may need a professional to install your new range hood due to cabinetry design and trim detail.

Chimney range hoods are for the stylish focal point for your kitchen. Chimney hoods require space from 24 – 28" above your cooktop range area up to the height of your ceiling. It also requires at least 6" on both sides of the width of the range. This allows the chimney to create a bold presence without cabinets crowding the chimney. These range hoods are increasing in popularity and it is easy to see why! You can transform the whole look of your kitchen with a new chimney hood, and there are a wide variety of options to choose from. A classic pyramidal shape chimney suits just about any kitchen style, while a sleek T-shape pairs well with linear Modem décor.

Island range hoods offer many of the same great styles as chimney hoods but are designed for use over an island or peninsula. These range hoods provide the performance level needed in the open concept of an island-based range. Island range hoods are finished on all four sides to provide the elegance and beauty no matter where you are standing in your kitchen. It is important to note the height requirements to install your island hood above your cooktop area. Do not go higher than the manufacturer's suggested height or the performance level of the island hood will be compromised. Island range hoods allow for the open concept kitchen to still be open to be able to interact with your family or converse with friends for a party you are hosting.

Built-In range hood styles can satisfy a broad array of design perspectives. Built-in range hoods are designed to fit inside a "custom" cabinet or enclosure designed for your kitchen. Custom cabinets or enclosures are empty cavities that normally go up to your ceiling. This will allow you to provide a ventilation system and ducting options. There are two options for a ventilation system to choose from for use with a custom cabinet. Both of these options will provide a very clean look and put the focus of the kitchen on the custom cabinet. The first is a Power Pack. The power pack is a ventilation system that will have the required CFM you need based on your cooking experiences and frequency. The flexibility of a power pack allows you to have any size opening (normally the width of or slightly larger than your range or cooktop) and the power pack will be installed into the custom cabinet.

Any exposed material surface of the custom cabinet that the power pack does not cover will be covered by a "liner". The liner is a stainless steel, frame-like product that not only fills the open space for high capture efficiency, but also protects the material of the custom cabinet from heat and other emissions during your cooking experience. The second is an Insert. The insert is very similar to the power pack, but instead of using a liner, the Insert has a "full face plate". The face plate is the cover where the controls, lighting and filters can be seen and accessed. Like the power pack, this is a stainless-steel material, but extends beyond to form a frame to fully cover the underside of the custom hood, protecting it from heat and other emissions during your cooking experience.

Hidden range hoods come in different styles to allow your kitchen design to be even more flexible. The reason for hidden range hoods is a totally unobstructed view of your kitchen and surrounding areas for better sight, interaction and overall beauty. The first is a Downdraft, which is installed behind you range or cooktop and come in sizes that match most range or cooktops. This type of range or cooktop will not have a vertical backing on it – the controls will be near the face on the side(s) or the front of the range or cooktop. The downdraft fits behind the range or cooktop within your cabinetry and can be externally ducted in most all directions except upwards.

The downdraft is normally installed in your island. It can be raised and lowered every time you cook. When raised, the height of the downdraft is between 9" – 18", depending upon the model you choose. During use, the overall height is low enough to maintain the openness of your kitchen area and sight line to the surrounding areas. The uniqueness of this range hood is not only its efficient and effective ventilation but also the way it can be "stored away" flush with your countertop when not in use. The second is a Ceiling range hood.

Ceiling range hoods are installed directly above your range or cooking surface and come in two sizes 43" and 63". Ceiling range hoods normally are installed over an island providing the room with an open feeling while cooking in your kitchen. Controls for the ceiling range hood are done with a remote, which is an easy and simple way to operate the blower and lighting. The high performance of the ceiling hood provides the needed capture efficiency for you while cooking. The ceiling hood is a great open concept choice, but general cooking will result in lower capture efficiency due to the height of the ceiling hood and other air flow in your kitchen.

Pro Canopy range hoods are commercial looking undercabinet-type hoods that are great for you if gourmet cooking is a big part of your life, and you use a high-powered gas range. The pro canopy range hood is designed to have the highest CFM capacity to properly and efficiently ventilate during your cooking experience. This undercabinet style is made of stainless-steel material at sizes to meet larger ranges or cooktops in a very stylish bulky design versus the standard under cabinet's slimmer design. If you are a gourmet cook this may be the look and performance, you need to keep your kitchen well ventilated.

Outdoor range hoods are designed for your outdoor entertainment area, normally over a grill. Even though you are cooking outdoors, heat and other emissions should be controlled for the environment and cleanliness of your outdoor area, just like your indoor kitchen. The outdoor hoods come in an undercabinet, chimney, island or built-in style with high performance ventilation based on the environment in your outdoor area. These hoods are extra-deep and wide for capture efficiency to cover a grill's surface area.

They are made from special corrosion-resistant stainless steel to provide long lasting beauty from the extreme grill temperatures and outdoor elements it will experience. No matter the set-up of your outdoor entertainment area – there is a range hood to capture and provide the look and design you want. Congratulations! Selecting the style of range hood that suits your needs is an important step. Narrowing the field down from here to the perfect hood for your kitchen should be a breeze by following some of these simple guidelines – which we will share in our next article of "Guidelines For Choosing The Best Performance Range Hood For Me".