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Our vision is simple: to create brilliant & inspired appliances designed to fit your space and your every move. We love when a classic and intuitive design surprises with features to keep life organized and easy. We believe that thoughtful design is always in season..

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BUILT TO LAST We want you to feel good about purchasing a Danby. We know that buying a reliable and durable product at a wallet-friendly price is important to you, which is why we create our products around three principles: smart design, smart craftsmanship, and smart price. It's the smart move.

danby appliances for sale
danby appliances for sale


Here at Danby we are experts in cooling and refrigeration, and are known for our Danby refrigerators and freezers. Our refrigeration appliances are perfect for small rooms or apartments. Our apartment size refrigerator is mid-size so it can fit in small kitchens or apartments. We also have a compact refrigerator, which is also known as a mini fridge.

They can be used for extra refrigeration space in your home and have been used by students all over North America. Danby offers two freezers that are space saving. Depending on the size of the space, there is an upright freezer and a chest freezer. Sometimes the freezer that is built into your fridge never seems to be big enough. Danby standalone freezers are great for extra freezer space for the growing family. Browse our full-size and apartment size appliances today!